Vdetelweb: Telnet and Web management for VDE

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vdetelweb is a web and telnet management tool for vde switches.

It is as the same time a management client for a switch and a TCP server for the network.

A simple way to start a vdetelweb is the following:

$ vdetelweb -web -telnet -f /tmp/vdetelweb.conf /tmp/vde.mgmt

Options have also a compact form:

$ vdetelweb -w -t /tmp/vdetelweb.conf /tmp/vde.mgmt

Where vde.mgmt is the management socket of a vde_switch (option -M of vde_switch) and /tmp/vdetelweb.conf is a configuration file like the following one:

#vdetelweb rc sample
# to create a new passwd run the following command:
# $ echo -n piripicchio | sha1sum
# typing your passwd instead of "piripicchio"

ip and defroute define the address(es) while password is the sha1sum encoded password. Users can log in to the telnet/web service by using username admin and a password which matches this.

The standard location for the configuration file when vdetelweb runs as root is /etc/vde/vdetelwebrc

A telnet session appears like the following one:

Example of vdetelweb Telnet session

The telnet server provides command completion (using tab), history navigation (up and down arrows) and command editing (left right arrows and delete).

The following picture shows the appearance of a web management page.

Example of vdetelweb Web session

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