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Virtual Square: all the virtuality you always wanted but you were afraid to ask

VirtualSquare has a new design, a new codebase and new documentation. This WIKI will not longer be updated. Please refer to the new site (under development):

Welcome to Virtual Square wiki!
Here you'll find almost everything you need to know to get started using Virtual Square suite of tools and software. Remember that the software presented in this Wiki is produced by a research project and so the latest developments are extremely experimental.

Virtualsquare mailing list: virtualsquare (at) (click on the address to reach the mailing list info/subscribe page).



Older news

User's documentation

Virtual Square Disk Images

Core Documentation


VDE Basic Networking
Umview with umfuse
Umview networking: Umnet
Running foreign code
Virtually partitioned Virtual Disks
Time/uname and other virtualities

Advanced Tutorials

Remote command execution on umview with overlapped filesystem
Port forwarding inside umview environment
Creating VLANs with multiple vde switches
Managing Fast Spanning Tree Protocol on vde networks

Useful links

VDE project on sourceforge
View-OS project homepage at Sourceforge
VirtualSquare Tools @ GitHub
Virtual Square site: ideas of Evolution
OS Zoo (a sibling project from the same team), a set of preinstalled imaged for Qemu. Download 'n run. It is also possible to test them live direcly in your browser.

Overview of tools and libraries

V2 main.2011.png

  • SVG source available here.

Virtual Square Bibliography

Renzo Davoli: Fosdem2012 Slides

Renzo Davoli, Michael Goldweber (editors) VirtualSquare: Users, Programmers & Developers Guide (draft) Available at Lulu Book or here.

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Renzo Davoli, Virtual SquareProceedings of the First International Conference on Open Source Systems. 2005.

Documentation in progress

This section contains beta of documents that will be included in the Wiki.

Lost in the View-Space: how to know in which View you are

vdetelweb: Telnet and Web management for VDE

Multi stack support for Berkeley Sockets

LWIPv6 programming guide

UMNET: user mode virtual multi stack support

UMNET modules

N2NC Nat to Nat Connector

(Experimental) Public VDE Networks

Virtual NetManager: visual front-end to manage virtual networks obsolete - see [1]

umview/kmview as login shells: give each user his/her own view

Experimental 0.8 View-OS

Virtual installation of software

VDE native support for VirtualBox


iplog: a plugin to log ip addresses for a vde switch

System Call Interposition: how to implement virtualization

VIEWOS: New features in rd235 experimental version (2012 Jan): virtual ptrace, hostcmd, remote console

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